Ore Cars Step 2: Drilling for grab irons

At each end of these ore cars there are three grab irons, two of which wrap from the side around to the end.  You can see it clearly in this shot by Jurgen Kleylein.  On the Sylvan kit, most of the locations for these grab irons are indicated by small dimples.  I lined up all of the car bodies, loaded the #80 bit into my pin-vise, and drilled the marked holes in each car.

However, there is an oversight in the kit.  The holes for a couple of grab irons were missed. First, the bottom-right grab on each end is a corner grab, 22” on each side, just like the grabs used for roof walks. One hole is missing for this grab, close to the centre sill of the car.  There is also a second grab on the bottom left corner of each side.  The kit only provides locations for the upper grab.  I built two jigs to locate holes on the end and side, then went through each car to drill the hole for each.  I did this before the I attached the car bottoms to the car bodies, but I didn’t get a photo until after the next step was completed.

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