Ore Cars Step 6: Spinal Transplant

I took a break from the ore cars while I went away for a week on a canoe trip in northern Ontario.  I was greatly inspired to start working on some scenery at the WRMRC, but that’s material for another post.

I left the ore cars with new lead floors and no spines.  Once the floors and chords were sufficiently filled with putty and sanded, the spines had to be put back on top of the new floors.

The ribs helped to align the spine down the middle of the car.  The entire works, spine and ribs, had to be glued to the floor with CA.  The ribs are very thin (.010″) and some of them were accidentally broken off when the spine and rib assembly were cut out of the body with a razor saw.  Broken ribs were trimmed back to the spine and the assembly was glued in with some ribs missing.  The replacement ribs were cut from  strips of .010″ x .080″ styrene which match the dimensions of the resin part exactly.  The required length varied slightly from one to the next.  The gap was measured with digital callipers, and the styrene chopped to fit with a razor blade.

With the fleet of cars completed to this point, they were all washed in soapy water and moved to the paint shop to dry.

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