Ore Cars Step 8 Corners and Clean up

Once the paint on the insides of the hoppers had dried I was better able to see some flaws that I wasn’t pleased with.  Notably, the top chords meet in the corners in a way that doesn’t look much like two welded channel of steel.  Have a look at this corner to see what I mean.

I used Tamiya putty to fill in the gaps and build up the chord in some places.  Then I took the coarse sanding stick to each of the corners to shape them.  Here’s what one of them looked like after a quick shaping.

The big gaps in the corners are gone.  A quick touch up with the medium and fine sanding sticks and everything was good to go.  It doesn’t look exactly like the prototype car, but sides of the hoppers would have to be scaled down sheets of steel in order to make the top chords the correct scale dimensions.  That wouldn’t be practical with resin.

Fixing up the corners on all sixteen cars went faster than I expected.  Some cars needed far less work that others.  I had more time to move on with the project, and I still had some energy, so I tackled a very tedious task that I had not been looking forward to.

Each car has four cross-bearers on either side of the centre beam.  They had to be cut from the resin casting and cleaned.  There are four different kinds of cross-bearers.  In this picture you can see that each of the cross-bearers has a slot that needs to be cleared of flash.  I tried using that dental tool, but I ended up just running the scalpel down both sides of the slot and then carving it out.

I cut them from the sheet of resin parts, sanded the flash from them, and sorted them into piles.  Once I was finished with all of them, I each pile into its own bin in order to speed up the their installation the next time I sit down with this project.

Eight cross-bearers on each car, sixteen cars, that’s a total of 128 little bits that had to be cut and cleaned.  Needless to say, I’d had enough for one day.

The next time I sit down to work on these, I’ll be gluing these in place.

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