Copper Cliff scene – part 3

In the previous instalment in this series, I showed the first attempt at building the scene at Copper Cliff on the WRMRC, and described the problems with the scene’s geometry.  From that point, I tore out most of the scene, leaving only the Webbwood mainline.

To begin the work on this scene, I had to correct a track gauge problem where the Webbwood curves onto the helix behind the backdrop.  This isn’t a component of the scenery, but it was work that necessary because the track would eventually be buried behind the backdrop.  An important point here is that before scenery can progress, track has to function flawlessly.  Fixing track after the fact would require dismantling some of the scenery.

I’ll be building the highway 17 bridge over the Webbwood right at the backdrop.  The highway bridge is used to conceal the hole in the backdrop for the Webbwood (track on the right).  That hole will be a wide rectangle similar to what was built into the backdrop that I tore out.  Because the opening in the backdrop will be large, I had to build a backdrop and some scenery that will extend behind the main backdrop.  You can see in the photo below that I’ve started stacking the white styrofoam to create the land form that will be behind the backdrop.

The track that you see in the foreground of both of these photos is the new alignment for the Copper Cliff industrial spur.  It goes through the backdrop to a helix that takes it down to the industrial area on level 0.  After removing the old track, I had to build new roadbed out of spline for this section, and hand lay track on it.

In the next shot, I’ve placed a mock-up of the Inco loader, and the three tracks associated with it.  This complex is positioned to hide the point where the Copper Cliff spur goes through the backdrop.  The white backdrop you see in this image is a cardboard mock-up as well.  As you can see (actually can’t see), the loader hides the hole in the backdrop behind it. It looks like things will work out nicely.


I’m using lots of mock-ups to fine tune this scene.  What the photo doesn’t show effectively is that the curved “wall/roof” of the quonset hut is immediately behind the back drop here. I’m trying to make the backdrop curve on the horizontal plane so that it wraps out to the aisle, but also on the vertical plane because the external wall/roof curves inward.  It’s nearly impossible for me to measure and cut flat pieces of masonite to fit, so I’m doing the majority of the trial and error with cardboard.  When it fits properly, I’ll trace the shape onto masonite.

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