Ore Cars Step 11 – Progressing toward the really small bits

Having finished putting the end cap plates onto the sides of all the cars, the carbodies are now pretty much together.  From here on, I’ll be adding grab irons, levers, air brake components, and the associated piping.

At this point in the assembly, most of the parts have been cut off of the resin sheet holding all the parts together.  The sheet for each car was fragmented into small bits, and many parts were beginning to just fall off of some of the thinner sheets.  It was getting difficult to keep track of those small parts, so I took some time to go through all of the kits and collect all of these small parts together in one place.  It took about an hour, but I’m feeling better about having the parts sorted and in one place.

Moving back to the assembly of the cars, I decided to work on the triple valve mounting bracket.  The triple valve is mounted to the large plate that is cantilevered out away from the centre sill in the photo below.

That plate needs a bracket holding it in place and that bracket is in two parts in the kit.  The first part sits vertically between the end of the plate and the cross bearer above it,  or beneath it in photo below, because the car laying upside down.

Above, you can see that the vertical piece is a bit too big.  I glued that piece onto each car, and then went back to the first car to trim the extra material down with a sanding strip.  The photo below shows the result.

The second piece of the bracket lays on the cross bearer butted against the vertical piece.  The next photo shows it more clearly.

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