Ore Cars step 12 – end details above the floor line

The last time I posted about the CPR drop-bottom ore cars, I’d built up the brackets for the triple valve from three small pieces.  For this post, I’ll show the work required to put a variety of details onto each end of the cars.

There are basically four parts that go onto the A-end of each car: a platform, a grab iron, and two levers.  In addition to the brake wheel, all of these same parts also go on the B-end of the car.  I don’t have a photo to illustrate the ends of the prototype cars the way they appeared in the 1970s.  At some point after the end of the ’70s, these hoppers had their drop bottom doors welded shut when a rotary dumping facility was built at Inco.  Prior to that, and during the time I’m modelling, the cars were unloaded by workers operating a pair of levers that opened the floor.  I’ll start by explaining how the levers went together.

I used a drafting divider, with the points set to 18 scale inches, to mark the holes that need to be drilled for the grab irons. You can see that I kept all four levers together on the resin sheet. This made the parts easier to mark and drill.

After the levers were marked, I used a #80 drill bit in a pin-vise to drill out two holes in each lever. Two holes per lever, four levers per car, fifteen cars, that’s 120 holes.  I wonder how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

Once the levers were drilled, I inserted an 18″ straight grab iron into each one.  With all four levers still together, I ran some thin CA across the back of the parts to adhere the grab irons to the levers.  The levers on the left are finished, the levers on the right are next in line.

With the grab irons attached, I shot the back of the resin sheet with accelerator an nipped the extra wire off.  The levers were trimmed from the resin sheet and stored them in my parts container.

Next, I drilled a #76 hole into the brake housing casting to accept the post on the back of the brake wheel.  I assembled all 15 of those and stored them in my parts container.  I also cut 15 bits of wire left over from the rods that operate the doors in the floor.  This will be used to represent the chain coming out of the bottom of the brake wheel housing.

Having previously drilled for all of the grab irons, gluing went quickly.  I glued the levers, walkway, grab-iron, on the A-end, then the same parts plus the brake wheel/chain assembly on the B-end.  Here’s the result:

Levers, walkway, grab-iron, brake wheel and housing – that’s it for step 12.

The cars are getting closer to being ready to paint.  I’m predicting four or five major steps in the construction sequence before that point.

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