Ore Cars Step 13 – Steps and Ladders

In the previous instalment of this series, I added exterior details above the floor line at both ends of the cars. In this step, I added ladders and stirrups.

The process consisted of trimming the Tichy parts to length – four rungs on the end and five rungs on the sides. The side ladders have a short bracket holding the ladder to the car body because it hangs out over the end.  The kit includes a tiny 2″x4″ piece of resin of the exact length for this purpose.  To save time, I opted to glue all of the side ladders to a strip of 2×4 styrene.  When the CA had dried, I chopped them off the strip and glued them to the car body.

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After the ladders, I glued the stirrups in place.  They are also Tichy parts, and they need to be trimmed off of their sprues.   At this point, I noticed that I had missed drilling out some of the holes.  I had to spend a bit of time finishing that step to about five cars, and then I glued the stirrups into the holes.

In the next step, I’ll assemble reservoir and bracket assembly, plus the brake cylinders and the triple valves.

6 thoughts on “Ore Cars Step 13 – Steps and Ladders

      • I think there are only four or six completed cars Chris. In addition to those, we have a bunch painted without decals. I think it’s four finished and eight painted, if memory serves. When my assembly line catches up with those cars without decals, we might have to have a decal night where we have everyone decal two cars. With a solid turnout, we could finish the lot of them in one shot!

  1. Just going through this great series again, mainly because I was curious which brand of ladder was used in the kit. Could you compare the Tichy ladders with those available from Grandt Line?

    I’m going to be assembling a couple of Silver Streak mechanical reefer kits and want to replace the stock ladders that came with the kit which are a bit chunky for today’s standards. Being located in the middle of Sweden I can’t just compare a couple of packages in a shop 🙂 I’ve ordered some Grandt Line 5124 ladders http://www.grandtline.com/products/images/5000%27s/detail%20parts/5124.jpg mainly preferring those because I was confused which Tichy product to get… Judging by the pictures the quality looks fairly similar.

    I don’t think the Silver Streak kits warrant the really nice ladders available from Yarmouth Model Works, http://yarmouthmodelworks.com/details.php but I might have to try those in future — when I have some more experience.

    • I recommend the ladders from Yarmouth Model Works, but you’ve already decided the kits don’t warrant that level of detail. I used Kadee ladders on a the Robin’s Rails SAL boxcar that I rebuilt, and I like the results. The rungs on both products are far finer than the Tichy parts.

      I’ve never been to the middle of Sweden, so I don’t know how it compares to my situation. I only have one hobby store with a reasonable stock level that’s near me, and that store is nearly an hour drive. I have a few stores that have general hobby supplies, but for model train parts and such, I need to drive an hour if I want to look before I buy. Otherwise, I’ve found a store that does online business, ships to me at a reasonable rate, and provides great service, so I don’t drive to the more “local” store very often. But that only contributes to the reason I don’t have a store near me.

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