Facebook Experiment

I’m going to try “publicizing” my blog posts to a Facebook page that I set up.  Feel free to find me on Facebook and friend me.  I’m not sure yet if the link over to Facebook from here has any value, so let’s just consider it an experiment.  I may opt to abandon or suspend the Facebook page if it turns out that this just a duplication of what this blog already does.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Experiment

    • No Matt, I didn’t put a link to facebook on the blog. I haven’t figured out how to get the app working on here. Every time something gets posted here, a notification goes out to my Facebook page. I think it will be directing facebook people back here.

      I think the point is supposed to be that one could draw their thousands of facebook friends to their blog, except my facebook page was dormant until today, and I have a grand total of one friend (thanks to Pierre Oliver for being my friend).

  1. Hi Hunter,

    My Industrial Lead blog and co-publish my posts and comments to Facebook. I use a WordPress plugin called Add Link To Facebook. It’s pretty cool because people can follow from either my blog or from facebook. The most difficult part is setting up a facebook app (not because of coding or anything, but because facebook for developers is kind of cryptic to me). I also augment my Facebook page by adding more general railroading posts.

    I’ve also tried the following Facebook/WordPress integration plugins: Facebook Like and Comment; Facebook Comments for WordPress; Facebook Comments by Fat Panda, Facebook Comments; Facebook;& Complete Facebook. There are quite a few of them out there, but the plug-in I found to give the most seamless and reliable integration was Add Link to Facebook.

    Greg Amer
    The Industrial Lead

  2. I don’t actually use Facebook much. My wife set up an account to keep tabs on her family and I use that account to watch the WRMRC’s Facebook page, but I don’t have much else going on there. I don’t have anyone “liked” or whatnot.

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