TH&B 70 Ton Hoppers Part 5

It’s been a while since I posted about these cars.  I started this project as a way to take a break from the CP ore car assembly line.  I bounced back over to the ore car project until I got them to the point that they’re stored at the club, and now I’m back onto these cars.

In the previous post on this topic, I had sprayed both cars with Polly Scale Engine Black that I toned back a bit with some white.  When that had cured, I applied about five or six coats of Microscale Micro Gloss.  I find this product takes quite a few coats to build up a good shiny surface to take decals.  When the gloss coat was cured, I applied the superb Aberdeen Car Shops decal set  THB-8710.


After my considerable break from these cars, I managed to get the couplers attached.  I used Kadee #58 couplers in their own pockets and screwed them in place with a short 2-56 screw.  I installed Details Associates stirrup steps on all corners of both cars.  These are not exactly correct for this car because they are mounted below the frame sill, whereas the actual stirrup steps are bolted to the side.  I’ll live with these until I find the part (if it exist) and I’ll switch them over as time permits.

Last week, while I was stocking up on supplies for a number of different projects, I bought two sets of True Line trucks with metal wheels to use for these cars.  I have some True Line cars and they roll OK, so thought these would be worthy.  When I took them out of their packages this morning, I discovered that each truck had at least one wheel that was incorrectly mounted onto its axle.  That was frustrating, so they went back to the store.  Without anything else on hand, I used the trucks that were supplied with the kit.  The wheels are plastic on brass-ish axles… dodgy at best.  I might look for trucks with nicer detail, but these aren’t too bad.   I’d like to put some semi-scale wheels on these cars.  At a minimum, I’ll replace the wheelsets with a metal ones.  I kept the dodgy ones from the kit on the car for the photos.

Speaking of photos, it was a beautifully sunny afternoon, so I took them outside to get some pics in the daylight.

IMG_2156 IMG_2157

Overall, I’m pleased with the way that the cars look with all of the cast-on details replaced with finer parts.  I’ll post back here with an update once I get them weathered.

4 thoughts on “TH&B 70 Ton Hoppers Part 5

    • Thanks Chris. It took a while for me to sort through the information that Lance Brown gave me to come up with the numbers for these cars, but in the end, those numbers looked they way I’ve represented them. I intentionally avoided cars that had the big white circle because those would have been in pool service on the ONR/CN/PC for part of the 1970s.

  1. Great looking cars.

    Sorry to read about the TLT trucks not working out for you. What are your thoughts on the sideframes supplied with the kits? You could replace the wheels alone.

  2. I have used a set of trucks from some Canadian manufacturer, possibly True Line Trains, which featured the ability to use them as roller bearing conversion trucks (or with the addition of covers as standard friction bearing trucks). I used these under an Intermountain MKT “ammunition service” boxcar. I seem to recall that the wheelsets where plastic on brass axles so I replaced them with the wheelsets that came with the Intermountain car.

    While we’re still discussing trucks and wheelsets, I really like Accurail trucks: crisp moulded detail, so if there’s an Accurail model appropriate for the truck you need I would go down that route.

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