Intermountain Wheels for the TH&B hoppers

Eight sets of Intermountain steel wheels came in the post for me yesterday (thanks for getting those to me Chris). The ziplock bag they came in indicates that they are part number 85-4055 with 33″ wheels.   These are quality metal wheels on metal axles.  One wheel is insulated, of course.

I popped them into the stock trucks of the TH&B hoppers and their performance was  instantly transformed.  The wheels spin with very little resistance, and absolutely no wobble.  Every set was perfectly in gauge.


The polished finish on them is very shiny, so I’m going to have to go to work on them with the airbrush.  Right now the cars look a bit silly with chrome wheels, so I’ll get more close-up photos once I’ve weathered them (and the cars).



4 thoughts on “Intermountain Wheels for the TH&B hoppers

  1. I’m really glad to see the wheels arrived okay. I agree that they would benefit from some weathering and look forward to reading your thoughts on that. Any news on finding a suitable truck casting?

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