CP SW1200RS build part 3 – Stripes

As I reported in my previous post, one axle suffered a broken gear during my attempt to switch out the stock wheels for NWSL nickel silver replacements.  I shifted my focus from the trucks to decals while I wait for the Kato truck parts to show up.

These units will wear the early Multimark scheme.  The end stripes are most of the way there.  I think the door on the rear of the cab is supposed to be black with no stripes and I need to put stripes on the sides of the front fan box.  Plus, I still have to don the Optivisor and fix up a couple of zits.   I don’t have the other decals that I need, but it’s safe to put those on later.  I wanted to get the stripes finished before I installed all of the handrails and grab irons on the ends.  So, here they are posing on a pollen dusted table in my backyard.


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