Athearn Genesis GP9 (as a CASO geep?)


In the photo above, Penn Central 7458 approaches the west end of Montrose Yard on the CASO with twelve cars and a caboose from Welland Yard.

IMG_2215A short while later, the same unit is westbound leaving Montrose Yard to bring five cars and a caboose back to Welland Yard.

Ok, I guess I’m not fooling anyone.  I took these shots of my new Genesis GP9 at Nairn on the WRMRC.  I could change that 5 to a 3 and this model would have the right number for a CASO geep, but there are some details that would have to change as well.  This one might become a CASO geep, or it might keep its number and represent one of the many roadswitchers working out of Frontier Yard in Buffalo.  Regardless, I’m pretty impressed with the model, and I also have to mention the excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and super cheap shipping from Tim at Action Hobbies in Kingsville.

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