Another Leamington & St. Clair Railway Company document

Let’s see if anyone can help me decipher this original shipping order document that I have which came from the Leamington & St. Clair Railway Company.  It appears to have been filled out at Leamington Ontario in March of 1889.

I read it as though there were 33,800 pounds of oats (more or less) loaded into CPR boxcar 13258. It looks like the oats were destined for Toronto.  It’s not really clear where who the shipper is, but I’d like to believe that one of the words is “Molson.”


Anyone care to speculate on the story behind this document?


2 thoughts on “Another Leamington & St. Clair Railway Company document

  1. It looks like it says “Order Molson Bank admin Chapman and Co. Toronto” then “con Oats” and the car number, then “33800 more or less.” The Molson Bank was operated by Molson’s Brewing Co., but was a normal bank in operation. It became part of the Bank of Montreal eventually.

    There is still a TD-Canada Trust in Waterloo that has Molson’s Bank carved into its fascia above the door. It was a Bank of Montreal until the TD merger a few years ago where some of the bank branches had to change hands in order for the merger to be allowed.


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