CP SW1200RS project back on the rails – Sideframe Details

With the help of some friends, we’ve come up with a solution for the broken axle/gear that stopped this project dead in its tracks.  Jurgen has a P2K SW9/1200 that he’s currently not using.  He will lend the necessary part to me in order to keep the project moving.  Justin has the same model that I can use as a parts source, but I have to wait until he moves into his new house and unpacks before I can tear it apart.   I’ll return Jurgen’s part to him from Justin’s parts-source drive.  That’s a whole lot of parts-swapping from one friend to another.

While I was waiting to solve the broken drive issue, I proceeded with detailing the truck sideframes. I  cleaned the parting lines and drilled #78 holes into the ends of the brake cylinder parts that came with the Athearn sideframes.  After I had mounted them on the trucks sideframes, I made air lines from brass wire and glued them in place.

During the process of handling the sideframes, I noticed that the first ones that I modified were a bit sloppy.  I took the opportunity to remove the clips that I cut from the P2K trucks and start over.  They’re much more solid now.

I wanted to get the sideframes painted, so while I was at it, I painted some of the etched parts that will be installed soon.


The prototype photos that serve as my guide show two flange-type speed recorders on the trailing truck.  On the engineer’s side, the speed recorder is on the rear journal.  On the fireman’s side, it’s on the forward journal.  I used Details Associates parts for these.  Here’s one of the four speed-recorder equipped sideframes all painted and ready for weathering.

IMG_2187I need to put decals on the models before I install any of the small detail parts.  Many of those parts still need paint, so that’s where I’m headed next.

It’s good to see progress again.  I’ll keep you posted.


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