TH&B Acid Train

The work on my SW1200RS project continues.  I’m still applying decals at a slow but steady pace since returning from my cycling trip on the right of way of the Western Maryland.

For no particular reason, I decided to post a shot of an acid train at Vinemount, east of Hamilton.  After rushing south from Sudbury on CP, the train was handed off to TH&B in Hamilton where they wasted no time forwarding it to the CIL plant in Niagara Falls.

Somebody needs to make these acid tank cars in HO scale, ready to run.  The WRMRC needs at least fifty of them.
TH&B Acid Train


6 thoughts on “TH&B Acid Train

    • I believe the Rail Yard Models cars were exactly the same as the cars in the photo. Incidentally, I contacted Gene to buy a few of those cars a couple of weeks after he decided to shut the operation down.

      • The RYM car is similar or identical to the UTLX/Procor, although the original cars specifically assigned the unit train service had some additional unique features. According to an article on the operation of this train in the 1970s (I think from the TH&B society newsletter/magazine) an exemption was granted for bottom unloading fittings on cars specifically assigned to the unit train for faster unloading at CIL. The acid cars were normally pumped out from the top fittings.
        Eventually these operations changed and acid is shipped all over, and in more types of cars. The original 1970s train had very specific groups of Procor and CGTX cars assigned, and the aforementioned article actually itemizes them all.

  1. Actually the white ones in this pic are slightly newer (c1980s) Trinity Industries built cars. Looks like TILX (Trinity leasing) reporting marks. The photo above probably taken in the mid-1980s before CP fully consolidated the THB?
    This design is incredibly common now, but these aren’t the original cars used on the acid trains in the 1970s.

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