Decals and Details

An Update on the CP 8152 and CP 8159 Build

It’s been a while since my last update on this project.  With the summer weather upon us, and summer officially arriving, I find I spend less time playing with my trains and more time in the backwoods.  

I’ll make of habit using the identities of both units (CP 8152 and CP 8159) in this and future posts.  Both were known to have operated from Sudbury during the ’70s.  This is probably not an essential detail when modelling a rail system as vast as the CP, but historical accuracy, or at least credibility, is achieved by attending to one detail at a time.

Since my last update, the front number boards and rear headlight assemblies have been painted and prepped for decals.  The locomotives now sport numbers in seven requisite locations.   Pilots on both ends of the locomotives have warnings on both sides above the M.U. cables and below the walkways.  Handrails at the rear wall of the cabs are in place; the frame lift pads and the boxy step in the middle of the rear walkways have been installed.

I grabbed two shots out on the back patio in the glorious sunshine.  The cab roofs were set in place for the photo.  They will be glued on permanently after the DCC decoders and lighting are installed.

IMG_2216 IMG_2219 I make no promises on how long it will be before the next update.  The weather is just too nice to permit me to sit still 🙂


6 thoughts on “Decals and Details

  1. Sharp units! You may want to look into the interior cab colour though – when repainted into action red, CP was repainting the cabs with a beige interior colour (often seen in many of the interior shots of FP7/9’s posted on the interwebs).

    As well, the datasheets for the GM SW units (DS8, 9,12) show the as-delivered (maroon & grey) interior colour as being “Suede grey enamel” rather than green that many 1st generation units had.

    • Excellent info! Thanks Dan.

      Without interior photos of these units, I was using shots of first generation EMD switchers for a colour match on the interior, and made a I bunch of assumptions about GMD practices in this regard.

      I’ve not installed the glazing yet, so changing the interior colour will be a snap. Do you have a photo that I can use for an approximate colour match?

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