Deck Truss Bridge

I put together this 75 foot deck truss bridge from an old Juneco kit.  This is one of those models that I undertook for the sheer enjoyment of building.

Excuse the ugly setting for the photos.  I tried to block out background distractions with a green tote lid.  Plus I had a mishap with black paint on my cutting surface.  Bush league, I know.



The parts were stained before assembly and I did some basic weathering when it was finished.  The weathering kind of matches my backyard table 🙂

The photo below shows the bridge on its side with the steel rods, bearing plates, and nut/bolt castings painted Polly Scale Rust straight from the bottle.  This is meant to be a primer for subsequent layers of rust.


I have no idea of the prototype for this bridge, so if anyone can enlighten me, please do.

Underside view

Underside view

I enjoyed putting it together so much that I lost track of the hours that went into it.  It was a fun build, which was why I did it.  I’ll probably sell it because I don’t foresee being able to put it to use.

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