Steel Wheels along the Grand, by George W. Roth

Continuing with the theme of my post about Roger Chrysler’s layout, I’d like to take a moment to endorse an excellent book.  The apparently self-published illustrated history book by George W. Roth titled Steel Wheels along the Grand chronicles the birth, growth, and ultimate demise of the Grand River Railway and the Lake Erie & Northern.  Each spread of pages contains about four illustrations, many of which are maps and diagrams – exactly the kind of detail from which a layout can be designed.

Roth’s book was recommended to me by Trevor Marshall during a visit a few months ago. Trevor knows that I’m planning to building a small layout, and he’s been lobbing excellent ideas at me for consideration.  One of Trevor’s layout concepts came directly from the historical details in Roth’s book.  This layout concept will likely show up as a post or series of posts on his Achievable Layouts blog.  The book and the layout concept have occupied my imagination for a couple of months.  The Grand River Railway and the LE&N were very interesting operations.

I don’t have an image of the cover, but I’ve listed the bibliographical information below.  Given that this is a self-published endeavour, I suspect it was a relatively limited printing.  I bought mine from Credit Valley.  I’m not sure if they have any more in stock.  Check it out.

Title Steel Wheels Along the Grand: Some Images and History of CP Electronic Lines Along the Grand River Valley
Compiled by George W. Roth
Edition illustrated
Publisher George W. Roth, 2012
ISBN 098776621X, 9780987766212
Length 120 pages

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