CP ore cars in use

While visiting Roger Chrysler, we discussed the various freight motors that Inco used on their electrified railway.  I’ll put together something about the motors themselves in the future, but in my search for info on them, I discovered this photo.

Photo by Arnold Mooney

Photo by Arnold Mooney

Arnold Mooney was gracious enough to allow me to use this image here.  This is Arnold’s description of the shot: “INCO electric 65T #121 is pictured westbound from the mine with a load of ore for interchange at CP’s Levack station, mile 104 on the Cartier Subdivision. It is my understanding that all the electrics are now off the properties of VALE, formerly known as INCO. Info would be appreciated.” 

Aside from showing the Inco motor, Arnold’s shot captures a string of CP’s welded drop-bottom ore cars in use.  These are the prototype for the cars I built in my series of posts on this subject.

1 thought on “CP ore cars in use

  1. Yes, all the wire is down on the former Inco Railway lines. A couple of other members of the Sudbury Division crew and I went up to Sudbury perhaps 5 years ago now and saw the entire roster of steeple cabs stored awaiting disposition by the engine facilities in CP’s Sudbury Yard. We took some measurements and broadsides and end views of several of them with an aim to being able to work up some drawings and build models of several motors. We need about 4 working models for the Sudbury Division since we intend to include the line pictured above as an operational route on the layout.

    Today the former Inco Levack line is operated by CP units all the way to the mine.


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