TH&B Switcher Cannibalized for Parts

2013 is going to be remembered as my vagabond summer.  I’ve unpacked my belongings again, this time in Orillia, and I’ve set myself up with a space that allows me to write and build model trains.  Being the eternal optimist, I can report the experience has forced me to become very organized.  My projects are in boxes that I bought from the office supply place, and my tools are organized in an excellent tackle box with ample drawers. Nothing was damaged or lost, and I’ve moved all of it twice this year.

My SW1200RS project is moving forward again, now that I’ve set up a space to work.  Recall that, some time ago, I had encountered a serious dilemma: in the process of equipping the drives with NWSL wheels, I broke one of the axle gears and could not source a replacement part.  My friend Justin offered up a P2K SW9 as a parts engine, but he’s also in the process of moving and the model is packed away.  I don’t now when I’ll get that from him, so I’m cannibalizing Jurgen’s TH&B 55 in order to reassemble the mechanism on my ailing SW1200RS.  Justin’s parts loco will serve to put Jurgen’s switcher back in working order.  I’ll be robbing Justin to pay Jurgen.  Or something like that.

IMG_2424With both SW1200RS mechanisms in working order, I fine tuned the drives and tested them without power.  They seem to turn smoothly by hand, but I’ll have to run them with DC power before they have their DCC decoders installed.


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