CP SW1200RS Radiator Grills

I put all three grills onto the front of my SW1200RS units.  The grills on the top of the hood are a two-piece etching for each side.  The front grill is a rectangular etching. I did a bit of weathering on the shutters before adding the various etchings.  In the following photo, 8152 has a bit of grime spread about randomly on front and top shutters.


The etchings presented a few problems.  The sheet that the etchings came from was dead flat with no warps or twists, however, when the parts for the top shutters were cut loose, they curled up.  It was difficult to bend them flat without denting them, so I did my best and then proceeded to glue them on.  It took a great deal of work to get them to sit flat while the glue dried, but they’re done now.

The front grill was slightly too large for the opening in the frame, so both grills needed to be filed to fit.  Afterward, I did a bit of weathing to both units.  I told myself it was only so I could get a sense of how the grills will look on the finished model.  I went a bit heavier on 8152 and then convinced myself to stop.  Both models still need to be handled too much to permit weathering at this point.

This is where they stand right now.




One thought on “CP SW1200RS Radiator Grills

  1. They are nice units. I was admiring them at the club the other day. It’s amazing how good the resin bodies are; they look every bit as good as a quality injection moulded model. They should look perfect alongside the TLT SW1200s, whenever they decide to show up.

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