My Conspicuous Absence

Knowing that it’s been over two weeks since I posted on here, I logged in to check on things and make sure that there were no comments languishing in my “Comments” box awaiting approval (there was only one).    I started to feel a bit guilty for not having written anything in over two weeks, so I decided to write about not writing (or blog about not blogging).

In the 15 days that have passed since my celebratory “first anniversary” post, there was a canoe trip into Algonquin Park, there were appointments with home inspectors, movers, my mortgage broker, my lawyer, contractors, and of course there has been a flurry of packing.  I get the new house in the first week of September and the movers will bring all of my stuff on the second weekend.  I think I have everything in hand, at least, to the best of my knowledge.

I’ve also been earning a living, if only in one of my part-time professions, and I’ve started laying things out for the start of the school year so that I can pay for the house and all of those other professionals who’ve been lining up to facilitate the purchase for me.

So rest assured, this blog is not dead, or even stalled.  I’m simply going through a period of time when the demands of the rest of my life have displaced nearly any opportunity for hobby pursuits.  Think of it like the lull at a yard when the switch crews change shifts, like in the following photo.



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