SW1200RS Project: Rear Handrails, continued…

Sometimes progress on a project like this can be painfully slow.  I sat down tonight and worked on the handrails at the rear of 8159.  Here’s how it looks so far:


It needs two more stanchions and some paint… but not tonight.

4 thoughts on “SW1200RS Project: Rear Handrails, continued…

  1. Thanks guys. I only had to throw out one handrail of the five I’ve bent so far. It was my second attempt. At that point, I considered the merits of building a jig to make the parts more consistent. In the end, I decided against it.

    I can make suitably accurate duplicates by bending them individually, therefore a jig wouldn’t yield more consistent handrails. But if I consider the time I put into bending each handrail versus the time it takes to build a jig, it might be the case that I would save no time at all.

    All eight of the pieces I need to complete both units are identical; they’re just flipped around for left/right orientation, and the last bend that puts the wire through the pilot is reversed. I haven’t build enough handrail bending jigs to know where to find the break-even point in terms of labour economy of scale. For instance, it was clearly obvious that a jig would save labour time when I was bending the corner grabs on the ore cars, but that was a no-brainer (4 pieces per car, 16 cars in total).

    Maybe I should have begged Tim Warris to burn a jig out of plywood for me 🙂

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