SW1200RS Project: More Windows

In my previous post, I described the process of installing window glazing in the cab of 8152.  I stated that I thought I preferred a Testor’s product for gluing the clear plastic in place.  Today, I’m changing my tune.  I like the Microscale product better (Micro Crystal Clear) only because it’s far easier to dispense from the container. My skills related to installing window glazing are only slightly better today than they were yesterday.  I finished all of the glazing in 8159 this evening, and I’m moving on to some fuel tank details next.



4 thoughts on “SW1200RS Project: More Windows

  1. It’s probably too late for this project, but I think Micro-mark has a tiny suction cup tool for handling smooth plastic like window glass which might have made dealing with the window material easier. If you expect to do more work like this, it might be worth looking into.

    • That tool might have come in handy, but I’m finished the glazing on this project. I like tools; I’ll probably buy it so that I have it for the next time I put glazing into a model.

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