Club Layout featuring C&O’s Canadian District

A couple of days ago, Action Hobbies in Kingsville announced plans to host a club which will build a layout depicting C&O’s distinctive Canadian District through southwestern Ontario.  An ambitious project, no doubt.  If lived within a reasonable drive of Kingsville, I’d be a part of this.  Check it out…

Part 1 of the 2nd Announcement: Reconfiguring the Layout to C&O’s Canadian District.

1 thought on “Club Layout featuring C&O’s Canadian District

  1. Two different layouts actually – the club layout is a “free-mo” modular layout being built in the shop’s building.
    The C&O Canadian District layout design is the layout that started construction in our house as a C&O layout depicting three different geographical locations of the system.

    The formation of the club allowed us to redesign the home layout to what will now be the C&O Canadian District.

    The club layout will be a bit of everything at the member’s choosing. Although at least 4 modules are already planned to be CASO locations.

    Thanks for the plug on the blog though!

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