Visiting Pierre Oliver’s Wabash in Ontario

“It’s a good day to have an indoor hobby.”

Today was a typical blustery January day in southern Ontario, so it made sense that I spent most of it inside.  Trevor Marshall picked me up on his way over to Pierre Oliver’s place, and given the fact that the weather wasn’t conducive to helping Pierre with his outdoor hobby, we ran Wabash trains across southern Ontario’s tobacco country instead.  Model trains, that is.

Pierre and Trevor worked on sorting out some details of the timetable, and I pitched in by browsing through Pierre’s magazines and taking a few pictures.  We ran some trains according to a portion of the timetable, and generally got a basic feel for the cadence of the layout.  I think it’s pretty close to being ready for an ops session.

Thanks for a great day, guys!

IMG_0055 IMG_0053


2 thoughts on “Visiting Pierre Oliver’s Wabash in Ontario

  1. Looks like you’re getting to see a lot of nice layouts lately, HH. I don’t get out nearly enought, and I seem to be more hermit-like with each passing year. Not that I was in any shape to travel this weekend; I’ve had the worst flu bug in nearly 20 years this past week.


    • I’ve been quite the hermit as well this winter, so I’ve been making a point to get out and do things.

      I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve heard that flu is nasty this year. Maybe I should have gotten the flu shot this year.


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