7 thoughts on “My Workbench

  1. I guess this means this car will be drafted for use on your home layout now. I hope some enterprising plastic manufacturer decides to make this model so one of these interesting prototypes will show up on the Sudbury Division. It’s gonna look right at home on your layout, though.


  2. Has this car appeared on your blog before? Which chain are you using in the brake gear, and how many links-per-inch is it? The rest of the brake gear is from Tichy? I need more brake levers — I’m building several cabooses and they use an extra lever — do you make your own? Sorry for all the questions 🙂

  3. Colin, this car hasn’t made a prior appearance on my blog. I have a lot of pictures, so I can put up a few posts to document how it went together.

    As you’ve probably deduced by now, this car is a Railyard Models kit. Everything you see on the car came in the kit. The chain is about 40 links per inch. You can get the same chain from A-Line. For larger brake levers look to Moloco or Cal-Scale (Bowser). For similar draft gear, check out Moloco.

    I hope that helps.


    • Thanks, Hunter! I’ve only recently started detailing projects — and being located in the middle of Sweden it’s difficult to just pop down to the LHS and get what I need 🙂 And no other North-American model railroaders anywhere near, so I have to use the ‘net as my “model railroad club”.

      I thought the draft gear looked different than the Moloco ones — they’re a bit narrower than the Kadee/Athearn de-facto standard. But I was surprised that an ordinary Kadee whisker coupler fitted.

      I think I might make some brake levers out of thin styrene.

  4. I think we live in exciting times, Colin. I can blog about my models and people around the world can chime in. Ask all the questions you want.

    I have a number of Cal-Scale brake detail kits among my cache of part, so I had a look at one set. I think they’ll have all the parts you need. Bowser has Cal-Scale now, I think.

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