TH&B Slab Side Hoppers 2852 and 2804

Continuing on the theme of my previous post, here’s a shot of TH&B slab side hopper 2852 and 2804.  Despite the fact that the weathering might look overdone, these cars were very dirty from carrying cement loads.

IMG_0086IMG_0083Like the CP car that posted photos of yesterday, these were weathered with oils mixed by eye in a range of greys and then finished of with pastels.

4 thoughts on “TH&B Slab Side Hoppers 2852 and 2804

    • Yes. Thanks for pointing that out.

      I think I had that information way back in my grey matter somewhere but lost track of it over the years. You’ve given me cause to wonder about something. On the WRMRC, we’re running the TH&B slab side hoppers in a pool of cars used for carrying cement on the Little Current sub. I’ve always assumed that this was historically correct, or at least reasonable and plausible. But now I’m curious to know if this was actually the case. I’m going to pose this question to Lance. He might have primary documents on this.

      Thanks for posting. Did you notice that I used your decals on the 70 ton hoppers I built last summer? Nice product, by the way.

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