NYC 86′ Hi Cube progress continues

Over the past week, I’ve made some progress on a number of projects that I currently have on the go.  My NYC 86′ auto parts boxcar is a step closer to completion.

IMG_0136I don’t have studio lights, so I posed the model in the afternoon sunbeam shining into my livingroom.  Don’t be fooled though, it’s -11 degrees Celcius outside.

Since my last post on this car, I’ve come up with a number for the car (NYC 67208) that falls within a block of cars that were equipped with Hydra Cushion draft gear. Here’s an outline of the work that was required to bring this $5 model up to its current condition:

  • carved off all of the molded-on details, which included reshaping the ribs in the ends
  • weighted the car to NMRA specifications
  • reconfigured the floor/frame/coupler mounting system
  • body-mounted Kadee couplers in Cal-Scale cushion draft gear
  • reshaped the body bolster
  • installed Kadee trucks
  • added Hydra-Cushion detail parts underneath (only what can be seen when the car is sitting on the rails)
  • reshaped the top and bottom side sill beams at either end of the car to more closely represent a Greenville car (see my previous post on this car for more details on this)
  • added grabs on sides and ends
  • added crossover platforms to each end (cut from Plano roofwalk etchings)
  • added brake details to b-end.
  • repainted the entire car with Polly Scale NYC Jade (Century) Green

Still to do: paint the trucks, couplers, draft gear, and the whole underbody in a grime/rust combination, shoot some gloss coat on the car and then decal-bash the lettering from a number of different Microscale sets.  Of course, it will have to be weathered like a ten year-old car to be appropriate for my layout.  I’ll post again when there’s more to report.

Here’s a shot of the A-end of the car, just to be thorough.


4 thoughts on “NYC 86′ Hi Cube progress continues

  1. I like hicubes. It’s cool that they will be appropriate for your layout. We have to go way out on a limb to run one of those over the Sudbury Division, though I do have a photo of one running on the prototype.

    • 86′ boxcars are a necessity for the through trains on my layout. I’m seeing them show up on the CASO trains and the C&O trains from that era. Most likely, they were moving parts to the assembly plants in Windsor, Detroit, and St. Thomas. I’m also starting to look at 60′ auto parts cars. I’ll need those for the movement of engines from GM’s Tonawanda plant. Those appear more commonly on FT-1 and empty on TF-2 consists.

      Anecdotally, I’ve heard reports of a wide range of road names on all of these parts cars, but the photos I’m seeing show that there was a relatively high proportion of C&O, B&O, PRR, NYC, and of course PC full repaints. Photos of trains often only show the first few cars though, so it’s tough to get a decent representation of the whole train.

      • Auto parts were generally handled in assigned pools of cars; each railroad that a portion of the shipment would travel over would provide a percentage of cars to the pool. So the mix of cars really depends on the plant to which that the pool is assigned, and to where the product is shipped. The largest portion of the route will have the largest percentage of cars in the fleet.

        • That’s how pool agreements work, so it becomes challenging to sort out a logical balance of road names that make up auto parts cars in specific trains. Without actual consist reports for the CASO and C&O trains, I’m left to work from photos and perhaps some YouTube videos to get an appropriate representation.

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