Photos Needed For New Decals – NYC 86′ Boxcars


One of the beautiful things about the times in which we live is the speed at which information can be shared.

Earlier today, I blogged about the NYC 86′ auto parts boxcar that I’m building.  Yesterday, I posted on the PCModeler yahoo group about the fact that there are no commercially available decals for this car.  A discussion ensued, and within a day, the various resourceful people on that group suggested that this represents a void in the market that someone might benefit from filling. Scott Pandorf (whom I’ve never met) posted on that group indicating that Hubert Mask of Mask Island Decals has expressed interest in producing these decals.

That was fast!

So, now Hubert needs lettering diagrams and/or quality photos of NYC 86′ boxcars.

I sent Hubert an email this evening, and he made a point of assuring me that the information he gets is used only for the purposes of creating decals. I’m going to dig through my slides, but I doubt that I have any such photos in my collection.  The readers of this blog have proven to be very resourceful in the past, so if you or anyone you know has photos or diagrams that could help with this project, please contact Hubert Mask directly at

1 thought on “Photos Needed For New Decals – NYC 86′ Boxcars

  1. It is an amazing time to be in the hobby. We’ve had an absoloute explosion of exciting product that really encourages the mass modeller to really build incredible layouts. I worry though that in many cases this has come at a cost of fewer details, decals, etc. for the modeller trying it out on his own. I find, in N scale decals in particular just aren’t available in the volumes that they used to be and I find that discouraging. I have some projects that just never got off the ground while i tried to connect with someone who could produce the decals I needed but in the smaller volumes I need. I’ll bookmark this supplier for future reference. Thanks.

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