Ugly Detail Parts

I took a drive to my not-so-local LHS a while back to pick up a some air horns for my SW1200RS units.  I found the part I needed, so I bought two of them.  I had neglected to bring along my reading glasses, so it wasn’t until I got home that I discovered both parts have big unsightly blobs of whatever bronze material the manufacturer used to make these things.

IMG_0093IMG_0097I tried cleaning them up with some very small files and sandpapers, but the stuff is just too hard to shape in such a precise way.

There’s no point driving 45 minutes to return them.  This sort of thing gets me annoyed.  I bought two of the same detail part for the two locomotives, and both parts have the exact same blob in the exact same spot.  Is there no way that they can catch this kind of mistake when they manufacture the parts?

7 thoughts on “Ugly Detail Parts

  1. Is that Miniatures by Eric? Their stuff is misshapen more often than not. The best horns out there are Detail Associates; they are a plastic kit with really fine bells and armatures. They are pretty fragile, though.


  2. The Details West horns are pretty good, although I find they’re out of stock more often than not. The Cal-Scale “M3H” (which is actually a K3H) is pretty good as well, I’ve used them on a number of my CP units. The MbyE H21 “FPA4 horn” is also a decent K3H, although the Cal-Scale is finer.

    • I have a few of the Details West horns. They’re pretty fragile, and the backs of the diaphragms don’t look right to me. Maybe I should try to do something with those.

      Anyway, the problem is solved. I emailed Lee at Bowser and asked him to send me a bunch of whatever air horn detail they put on their CP 630M models. Four Cal-Scale horns came in the mail. They’re very fine parts, and I won’t be looking elsewhere again unless these go out of production.

      Now I need to get them onto my roadswitchers before Doubleheaders.

  3. Oh, I’d also recommend you email MbyE about it. I’ve had some success in the past getting replacement parts from them.

  4. I’d second getting in touch with Eric (MBE). He’s proud of his product and may be able to remedy the problem. It is a shame to be stuck with a part that just won’t work.

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