Painting Again

Back in April, I posted about my painting work space, which included a brief mention about my decision to start shopping for a new airbrush.   My old Paasche VL had served me well since about 1983 or so, but it had been giving me grief after I damaged the fine needle and then accidentally used the medium needle in the fine tip.

While browsing the internet looking for replacement parts for the Paasche, I happened upon a few articles about airbrushing, then started doing a bit of research about some other options.

I learned a valuable lesson that day.  When you go shopping for parts to repair your ten year-old Honda Civic, don’t walk through the new car showroom on the way to the parts desk.  Basically, I did the equivalent of that with my airbrush situation.  I could fix the VL (and I will), but it will never be up to the standard of newer products.

After canvassing my friends for advice, I got Tim at Action Hobbies to get an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS for me.  It was dropped off by Canpar yesterday, and I had a couple of hours to mess around earlier today.

This post is not intended to be a review of the product.  I don’t have experience with anything but my old VL and a couple of different Badger siphon feed ‘brushes to compare.  I will say this: WOW.  The VL is a good tool, but this Iwata airbrush is a precision instrument.  The fit, finish, and balance are superb.  Control over paint flow is remarkable, and I predict this is going to allow me to up my game in the painting department – especially with weathering.

I ran a few different brands of paint through it, just get the feel of things.  Then I grabbed an undecorated Kadee covered hopper and loaded up the airbrush with Penn Central Green.

IMG_0259IMG_0261Notably, I was able to paint very small and confined areas on this completely assembled car by modulating the distance between and paint flow.   I might be writing a few posts about painting in the near future 🙂

2 thoughts on “Painting Again

  1. Hunter,
    Would you please provide a little detail on this project, i.e. what brand of paint, was it thinned, etc.? I have the same Iwata airbrush along with an Paasche H that I’ve used for years. I’ve been struggling lately to get Floquil to spray through these two and I’m really perplexed as to why this is the case. As Floquil has been discontinued, I’m looking at other options for paint and would appreciate hearing more about your recent experiences.


    Tom Patterson

  2. Hi Hunter:
    I had the same experience – struggled along with a 1980s-era air brush for years. It did a good job when it worked, but it liked to clog and – clog or no clog – it was hell to clean.
    I bought an Iwata a couple of years ago and not only does it spray a lot nicer, but clean-up is a breeze.

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