F-units for the Niagara Branch

Athearn announced that they will be releasing a range of FP7s under their Genesis brand.   Penn Central’s Niagara Branch in my basement could use a pair of these for the pool of four-axle road switchers that will will be part of the rotation of locomotives used on trains crossing the CASO and transfers between Frontier Yard and Suspension Bridge.

Check out their flyer.

Click to access 02_Gen_FP7_052314.pdf

I’m partial to the pair numbered 4341 and 4349.  In the list of details, they’re indicating that both will have cylindrical water tanks and only one will have the PC logo.  I like that Athearn is offering some variety with this pair.

The flyer has a couple of issues though.  The illustration for this pair doesn’t match the list of details, and the era listed ends at 1967.  Maybe they transposed the 6 and 7.  I’ll have to check the numbers, but most of the FP7s survived until in the end of Penn Central in 1976.


4 thoughts on “F-units for the Niagara Branch

  1. Well, if I recall correctly, Penn Central didn’t exist before 1968 – isn’t that right? So the era information is obviously way off…
    But the units will look great, I’m sure – and be nice additions to your layout.

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