Cheque-Book Modelling: Rolling Stock Acquisitions

Late May and all of June is always a busy time for me.  As a result, I’ve not spent even a moment working on my layout or at the the club.  I did manage to squeeze in an afternoon of research in North Tonawanda with Doug Kroll last weekend, but that’s been the extent of my engagement with the hobby.

Back in May, I built a couple of turnouts from code 55 rail, and they seem to work fine, though I’m not completely pleased with their geometry.  I’ve put a stop to track laying because I decided to use a Fast Tracks turnout fixture.  It’s been ordered, so I’m hoping it will arrive in the post around the same time that I get some spare time to dedicate to the layout.

In the meantime, I’ve acquired a couple of pieces of rolling stock to populate the layout.  My aerial photos of International Paper from the early 1970s show a number of coal hoppers in the facility and a massive coal stockpile, though I don’t have photos of the types of cars used, nor do I know how or exactly where they unloaded them.  I’m not going to let these details stop me from moving ahead with the paper plant part of the layout.  I’ll proceed to build the layout and refine its fidelity as new information becomes available to me.  In the meantime, it seems reasonable to me that a pair of Reading hoppers can be spotted on a lead that will sit next to a coal pile.

IMG_0272Last month, I added a pair of CN gondolas to the roster.  These were part of a larger order of Rapido Canadian gondolas for the WRMRC.  I’ll use two of these for scrap steel going into the interchange with Tonawanda Iron, once I get that part of the layout constructed.

IMG_0273I’ll be looking for some older 40′ boxcars for woodchips into the paper plant.  My photos show an number of older CN boxcars in the plant, and I have a suspicion that’s what these were for.

When time is at a premium, I can always keep engaged with the hobby by way of my credit card 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cheque-Book Modelling: Rolling Stock Acquisitions

  1. The great thing about today’s selection of quality products is it gives you more time to dedicate to actually modelling the unusual or specific details, instead of just trying to get a basic fleet together.

  2. Hunter,

    The new rolling stock looks great, gons and open hoppers are some of the most interesting cars on tracks.

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