New Wall

Summer is the best time to do major construction in the layout space because I can cut wood outside, and therefore avoid a dusty mess in the house.  Yesterday, I framed the wall that will eventually support the shelf for the town of North Tonawanda.  Here are the before and after photos.

IMG_0709IMG_0710I’ll frame up the next piece some time in the coming week, and eventually make my way all the way down the length of the room.

With this work proceeding, it’s decision time.  I need to decide if I want to build two visible decks in this part of the layout, or just one.  The original plan already accounts for helices to move trains from the visible deck (on the new wall) to hidden staging beneath.  I’ve recently been considering the idea of building two visible decks above the hidden staging.  I’ll need to make this decision in the coming weeks because once the wall is framed, I’ll be connecting the paper plant on the right side of the aisle to the town of North Tonawanda on the left.  The photo below, taken with camera held closer to the ceiling, provides an overview.

IMG_0712Aside from building the actual benchwork, future jobs include moving that heat vent so that it blows down into the aisle, moving the temporary lighting into place, and installing the suspended ceiling.

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