The Rest of the Wall

Earlier this week, I wrote about the first short section of wall that I framed in my layout space.  Today, I finished the rest of the same wall, up to the corner of room.

Unfortunately, I had to put a very small jog in the wall because of the way that the builder installed the utilities.  I considered re-routing all of the offending utilities so that the finished wall could be a few inches closer to the foundation, but ultimately, this proved to be beyond the scope of my skills, and I simply couldn’t justify paying someone to do all of this work.  The jog of about 4″ is a trade-off I’m choosing to live with.

I’ve included two photos of the nearly finished wall, taken from both either end of the room.  Total length is 34 feet.  In the first photo, the shelf at the far end of the room on the right is the paper plant.  Immediately across from the paper plant, I’ll build the Penn Central North Tonawanda yard.  The Erie Lackawanna Niagara Falls Branch will run just behind the PC yard, tight against the backdrop, and hidden by trees and buildings.




The photo below shows the same wall from the opposite end of the room.  In the foreground on the left is the benchwork for the International Paper plant.  The PC North Tonawanda yard will be in the foreground on the right and will run nearly half the length of the wall.  About a third of the way along the wall, the Erie Lackawanna branch will emerge from behind the buildings and trees and run parallel to the PC.  EL had a long siding and a service track that I’ll model at the far end of the room.   I could operate the layout quite nicely with just that much of the system modelled.  If I get ambitious, I could continue around the corner at the end of the room.  One step at a time though.



IMG_3063The whole space is in disarray right now.  As soon as I finish off the jog in the middle of the wall, I can start putting things back together.  I’m surprised I was able to do the framing on my own.  Good tools make all the difference, and for this larger framing project I was able to borrow the necessary tools from two different Pauls.  Thanks guys.

I needed at least 8 feet of wall to build at least the first part of the North Tonawanda yard.  With that much in place, I could create a layout that operates between the paper plant and the yard.  The rest of my scheme could be entirely omitted and the layout would still function fine without it.   I’ve come up with a plan for a layout that can grow in proportion to my ambition.  You’ll be able to see for yourself how far I can take it.

4 thoughts on “The Rest of the Wall

  1. If you use a masonite or similarly curveable backdrop through this area you can at least smooth out the background behind your yard and it won’t be as noticeable. You know the way the aisles and backdrops twist around at the club!

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