Progress on the Layout Room: Electrical and Ductwork

It appears that I have too much stuff.  Prior to making the decision to frame the wall in the layout space, I had all of my basement stuff reasonably organized on plastic utility shelves and in stacks of totes.  I had to move everything away from that wall in order to get that wall framed, and as a result, my basement has had the look of a rummage sale hit by a tornado.  Perhaps a cull is in order.

The wall that I recently framed was the former home of my workbench and paint booth, so they had to be disconnected and moved.  Over the past few days, brought the room one step closer to being ready for benchwork, and in the process, I created a new space for the work bench and paint booth.

Between vacation trips and family events, I’ve wired all four receptacles along the newly framed wall, including a pair of two-gang outlets.  While I did that, I wired up the workbench.  Today, I reconnected the exhaust from the paint booth to the outside vent.  I used 4″ galvanized ducts that I screwed together, taped, and then securely strapped in place.

IMG_3106You don’t get to see the workbench.  It’s currently the resting place of all things without boxes.  I have yet to re-route the air hose along the ceiling, in order to bring compressed air to the paint booth, but it’s looking good so far.



3 thoughts on “Progress on the Layout Room: Electrical and Ductwork

    • There’s nothing to see really. That first bit of benchwork for the paper plant is nothing but a glorified shelf. Not to worry though, I will be posting photos of the benchwork that will be built on the newly framed wall. Be patient though. I have some issues to sort out with the room treatment as I work my way down from the ceiling.

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