Compressed Air

With my paint booth moved to its new location, the exhaust duct connected, and the electrical outlets installed, the last remaining task was getting compressed air to the new location.  I finished that today.

I changed up a few things.  First, I ran an 8′ hose through the wall into the garage.  I had used a metal pipe when I set up my air line last year, but this time I decided to use a hose.  I passed it through the same hole that the steel pipe went through, and strapped it to the wall in a couple of locations, just to keep things tidy.

I brought the hose over to the utility sink and inserted a quick-connect coupling on a “T” fitting.  With my previous setup, it was mere steps between the paint booth and the sink, but now they’re on opposite sides of the room.  Now I’ll have to disconnect the airbrush  at the paint booth and carry it to the sink to clean it.  I like the option of having compressed air at the sink when I clean up.

IMG_3109From the sink, I strapped 50 feet of hose along the ceiling and then down to the paint booth where I assembled the regulator, moisture trap and filter, and quick connect manifold.

IMG_3108The regulator has a new gauge that reads 0-30 psi, which replaces the stand-in gauge I was using that read 0-160 psi.

Compressed air at the paint booth = DONE.  That’s one more task off the list.  The next big item is the bulkhead between the high and low ceilings.

2 thoughts on “Compressed Air

  1. Looks like a nice setup! I’ve actually been looking for a higher precision regulator for a while for use with airbrushing but locally I’ve only been able to find the high pressure low precision style.

    • Thanks Matt. That regulator is probably 50 years old. It came out of a low pressure pneumatic system at a factory. Each turn of the dial amounts to a change of about 3-4 pounds of pressure. It’s really nice to work with.

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