Shout Out to Larry Broadbent

I learned through the St. Thomas Railway Heritage Facebook group that Larry Broadbent contributed about 1300 photographic slides of railroad equipment and personnel to the public archives of Elgin County.  Larry’s photos were taken in and around St. Thomas Ontario from the 70s onward.

The best part about this is that the images can be viewed online for free by clicking here.  Once you’re there, type “Broadbent” into the collection name field.  You’ll find the collection to be chock full of shots of the CASO, C&O, and N&W (ex-Wabash) trains.

Larry’s donation is a commendable contribution toward the preservation of the history of railroading in southwestern Ontario.  Most notably, these photos capture the unique operations and equipment of three US-based railroad companies in Canada.

CASO and C&O Canadian Division trains rolled through the town I’m modelling in HO, so this collection is an invaluable resource to me.  I hope more people follow Larry’s lead and make their railroad photo collections available to the public.  Thanks very much for doing this Larry.



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