New Bowser Products

Someone told me recently that the conventional wisdom (or Murphy’s Law) is that once you take the time to build a model that’s not already on the market, it will show up just after you finish it.  Earlier this year, I modified and custom painted one of the older Bowser N8 caboose kits to get the road number and paint scheme I was looking for.  I see that Bowser is now going to upgrade that old kit to their “Executive Line” standards.  That’s good news for me, because I wasn’t prepared to rebuild another N8 kit, but I’ll certainly take one now that they’ve stepped up the quality.

More good news from Bowser… they’ve posted some photos of the test models of their GMD SD40-2.  These look good.  I wasn’t going to buy any of these, but maybe I’ll contribute a couple to the WRMRC fleet.

Good news all around.

8 thoughts on “New Bowser Products

  1. Did you finish your PC caboose? I recall seeing progress pictures, but not the finished product.

    I’m sorely tempted to pick up one of the ICG units — could be nice with a Paducah rebuilt Geep.

    I model BN in the second half of the 1970s, with some nice Soo Line and Milwaukee Road power for interchange traffic. I also have a Green Bay & Western Alco and caboose pairing that I’m undecided whether to keep. Do I really need another road? 🙂 At least it’s prototypical: at least one of those ICG ex-PRR N8s was used on yard work and transfer runs in the Chicago area, presumably also to the BN.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the Bowser SD40-2 sample photos. I had been following this project from a healthy distance (in the hopes of not getting distracted into collecting them and eventually “needing” a layout on which to enjoy them). I just finished scrolling through the two pages of photos. Wow. Very nice.

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