First Powered Move

Over the weekend, I ran the track bus beneath the International Paper factory and connected all of the feeders that I had installed back when I laid the track. I used suitcase connectors, so it went relatively quickly.  There were some areas where I needed quite a number of connectors.


When I had the all of the feeders connected to the track bus, I hooked up an old DC power pack and grabbed the nearest DC locomotive I could find.   I was disappointed when I the locomotive would move and the power pack indicated a short.  Eventually, I found a PC board tie that I hadn’t gapped, so I zipped through the copper cladding with my dremel and tried again.  This time, the problem was solved.

I recently bought an Atlas C-425 that has no decoder in it, so took it out of the box, put it on the track, and guess what?  It ran!  So here is photographic evidence of the inaugural test run of the layout.


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