NYO&W 822

This is a blast from my past. I custom painted this stock Stewart F3A right around the time that these first came onto the market in the 90s. This was long before they were offered in this scheme from the factory. I probably used Floquil paint and Microscale decals.


I vaguely recall toying with the notion of modelling a 1950s location featuring a DL&W and NYO&W interchange point. Maybe Utica NY? The model brings colour to my layout, no doubt, especially in comparison to my Penn Central locomotives. But as pretty as it is, I’d like to sell it rather than have it sit in a box on my shelf, so I’ve added it to the ‘For Sale’ page of my blog.


It has wire grabs, Kadee #5s, and has been lightly weathered. This is a DC model with no connector for a decoder, though I’d be surprised if there isn’t a DCC decoder that is a direct replacement for the factory circuit board.

I’ll consider selling the shell and keeping the drive. I’ll be even more motivated if you have a Highliner shell to trade. Email me at hhughson@me.com if you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “NYO&W 822

  1. Hunter – Funny. You went the same path I did – I was originally going to model the PRR, then there were several “journeys,” but I looked into modeling the NYO&W due to Kalmbach’s “Railroads You Can Model.” Of course, now I’m back to the PRR (although, the TH&B’s D&H Branch looks interesting; so does the MILW’s Iron Ridge, WI to Fond du Lac, WI Branch; dang it!)

  2. Hunter –

    I do have a little bit of info that I’ve gathered on the H&D Branch (a little from the TH&BHS & my personal research). It was a really cool branch with all of the traffic on it for such a short run (Hamilton Seed Company; Top Notch Feed Company; Bertram Company; Valley City Manufacturing Company; the old H&D freight house; Ralph Sturrock Coal Company; Snetsinger Lumber Company; Stewart Coal Company; & Canada Crushed & Cut Stone Company). I became a fan of the TH&B when I lived in Bramalea, ON back in the mid-1970’s until the early-1980’s & Norman Helm came out with the landmark book on the TH&B: “In the Shadow of Giants.” Now if I could only get photos of the old H&D freight house, Ralph Sturrock Coal Company; Snetsinger Lumber Company (not just a photo of one of their yard trucks); & Stewart Coal Company, I may be on my way. Do you know anyone with this type of info?


    • Funny that you ask. One of the regular readers of this blog has knowledge and resources related to the TH&B that is equivalent to that of a history scholar. I don’t think he’s ever posted here, but he gets in touch with me by private e-mail often. In January of 2014, when I was just starting to build my layout, he came close to persuading me to model the TH&B Westinghouse branch. He presented me with so much information that, as a prototype modeller, it was hard to pass up the possibility of modelling something with SO much prototype accuracy. In the end, I decided on the North Tonawanda theme because, like a typical North American model railroader, building and collecting range of locomotive models is a major part of my attraction to the hobby. The Westinghouse branch would have permitted me to run one of two kinds of EMD switchers and no cabooses. You’ll probably see from my recent blog posts that I’m equally enamoured with cabooses, so I just didn’t see that as a good fit for me at the time.

      The H&D is even cooler than the Westinghouse branch because you get run cabooses (I think). I doubt that the geeps ever went down there, so you’re still limited to the switchers. I could be wrong on that assertion. All of that residential street running would make from some spectacular scenes, and the particular industries that were on the line were set right in amongst the residences. There’s also a stretch of forest, marsh, and creek crossings. It very well could be the ultimate combination of a scenes and operating possibilities. The era would be somewhat limiting because, for what I remember, traffic dropped off quickly in the 70s.

      Back to your question, I might be able to put you in touch with people who have the info you’re looking for. I’ll get back to you on this.

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