Tangent Scale Models X58 Boxcars

Here’s a shot of the North Tonawanda switcher bringing two empty PRR X58 boxcars into the International Paper plant on Tonawanda Island.


These are the new from Tangent Scale Models. Mine arrived from Action Hobbies Kingsville on Monday. They’re really nice models, but that comes as no surprise to me; Tangent has established the highest standard of quality.

I have two of the now out of production Rail Yard Models resin kits for these cars. The Tangent RTR model is of equal quality, perhaps slightly better in a couple of small details. The Rail Yard kits took many hours (80?) for me complete, and they cost me about the same amount of money. I’ve created a “category” in the menu on the right side of the screen, so you can click on that to see my posts about X58 boxcars by both Rail Yard and Tangent.

The Rail Yard kit was superbly designed, and mine built up into the best models on my layout (until now). I happened to buy mine the month before Rail Yard closed, and I was quite disappointed when to learn that I wouldn’t be able to find more without paying upwards of $120 on ebay. Given the fact that the Tangent RTR model buys the hobbyist a ton of free time to work on other projects, I expect to see the used market value of the Rail Yard kits to drop substantially. And on that note, I’ve budgeted to buy a few more Tangent X58s, but if you’re one of those people who has hoarded away a stash of Rail Yard kits that you can’t sell and will never build, do be in touch with me. I’ll rid you of the burden 😉



3 thoughts on “Tangent Scale Models X58 Boxcars

  1. “the Tangent RTR model buys the hobbyist a ton of free time to work on other projects” is exactly how I’ve started approaching RTR, particularly the higher-end models. In fact, I’ve sold some items that I intend to replace with better quality RTR versions. One example is a pair of Athearn Blue Box SW1500 switchers. I did intend to upgrade these with Smokey Valley stanchions etc, but I’ve ditched that idea for the simple reason that I’ll probably never get around to it! Instead my Athearn RTR SW1000s take their place, though I’m still on the lookout for a pair of RTR SW1500s too. They’re not turning up on eBay (decorated for Burlington Northern), but I’m sure Athearn will release a new run of them eventually.

    • I have an Atlas yellow-box S4 that I was going to update with details. Instead, I painted it up, put PC decals on it and I’m using it the way it is until Atlas decides release their new S2 in PC. Good enough for now, and the RTR model will eventually arrive.

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