Bob Fallowfield’s Galt Sub in 1980

Over the weekend, I visited Bob Fallowfield to see his layout depicting Woodstock Ontario on CP Rail’s Galt Subdivision. It’s a very cool layout, and incorporates a similar concept to what I’m trying to build. Bob has modelled a relatively short section of busy mainline incorporating the town of Woodstock and the town of Zorra with it’s landmark cement plant. He’s also included the Beechville Sub branch line. I’ll write more about the layout in the future, but here are some photos taken with my phone which give a good first look at the quality of Bob’s work.


In the above photo, an eastbound passes through Zorra on it’s way to Woodstock.


Above, a freight approaches Woodstock from the east.


A westbound passes a typical southern Ontario farm just east of Zorra.

Bob has only been working on this layout for just over four years, and the progress he’s made in that time astonishes me. I feel inspired to push my layout along a little faster, having seen what can be done in what I consider to be a relatively short period of time.

I haven’t been posting about my layout because I’m going through a period of time where many hours of work yield relatively small visible gains. I’ve been preparing the facia and valance for painting, getting things ready for the installation of the turnout control rods, and working on structures for the paper plant. I’ll hold off from posting about the layout until I can put together a overview of things.

3 thoughts on “Bob Fallowfield’s Galt Sub in 1980

  1. I love the great work Bob has done with his Woodstock layout. I used to live in Stratford and I must have crossed the bridge on the county road between Tavistock and Woodstock hundreds of times and he’s captured it perfectly. I’d also love to see more Beechville photos. Thanks for sharing! Grant Bowers

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    • Grant, I completely agree with your sentiments about the way Bob has captured the look and feel of that country road bridge crossing. Bob’s whole layout elicits that response. I’ll be visiting him again soon, so I’ll see how he feels about letting me take more photos and posting them here.


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