Track as a Model


Most of my layout is less than a foot away from the operators’ eyes. I’ve been trying to making the track as interesting as any of the rolling stock that runs on it. This particular piece of track is on the lead to the woodchip unloader. In the photo: home made ballast mixed with Highball cinder ballast, Mt. Albert Scale Lumber ties, Proto:87 spikes, Micro Engineering code 55 rail, Winsor & Newton acrylic paint.


6 thoughts on “Track as a Model

  1. Nicely done, Hunter – and as for spikes, well that’s how they SHOULD be: Really tiny.
    I’m looking forward to seeing this in person – soon!
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64, where I used the same spikes)

  2. Hey Hunter,
    The track is first rate. I’m going to get some some of those 87 spikes. I hand lay my track and these spikes would look much better than the Micro Engineering ones I’m using now. Are there any different technics or procedures when using the 87 spikes??

    Best, Scott

    • Scott, the Proto:87 spikes are easier to work with than I’d expected, though they are slightly more challenging than regular track spikes. The Proto:87 spikes strong, they drive in smoothly, and they stay seated nicely. I drive them with a pair of very small needle nose pliers that have no serrations, which is completely different from my technique with regular spikes. If you’ve already hand-laid track, you’ll no doubt adapt your own spiking technique to make it work.


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