More: Track as a Model

My previous post was about track as a model on my layout. This time I’m posting some pics of another area on my layout where I spent some time trying to build track as a model.

In this case, the rails are embedded into concrete. I’ve posted a photo of this same space previously, but I hadn’t finished the concrete yet. My aim with this scene is to represent a space deep inside an industrial plant where the concrete pad has been in place for a long time and repaired with concrete, asphalt, and cold-patch. In other words, I’m going for a pretty worn appearance. I spent some time weathering the concrete pad with a couple of different media. Have a look at the finished product:


The photo above was taken from what I consider to the typical “photographing” angle, or the angle I’ll use most often to photograph the layout. This is slightly above HO scale eye-level.


The photo above is the same location as the first photo, but the camera is slightly higher. This represents how the operator would apprehend the layout.

Obviously, the front edge of the concrete pad has yet to be blended into the surrounding scenery. When I was preparing these photos for the blog, I noticed that the colour temperature seems off. I’ve learned that off-white or bone colours are difficult to accurately reproduce with the equipment I have. But for reference, the tank car in both photos has very small areas that are painted white.


9 thoughts on “More: Track as a Model

    • The next concrete slab is in the works. This is a multi-step process, so I’ve only put two coats of colour onto the other slab. I’ll probably use a similar approach for the floor of the Sudbury car shops. It will be less weathered but more grimy.

    • The concrete pad is made with hydrocal. The weathering is done in multiple steps starting with thinned acrylic paint going on first followed by washes of India ink. I do some patching with very thin layers of drywall compound between colour treatments.

      Hope that helps!


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