Racor Model 20 Ground Throw

Someone needs to produce a scale model of the various ground throws used in yards and on industrial sidings on North American railways. The model doesn’t have to actually operate the points of a turnout. We already have plenty of ways to make the points move thanks to products like the Blue Point and Tortoise. It would be nice if the indicator flags on the scale ground throw rotated, but I would be happy with a static, injection molded detail part. The flag rotation is an easy add-on.

In Canada, CN and CP designed their switch stands, and scale versions of these are available. But The Racor Model 20 is one of the common devices used by railways that didn’t see the need to reinvent what was already being done well. I’ve included photos of one that I found in the former Fisher Yard of the TH&B in Hamilton Ontario.

We have a few different HO products on the market, but no one is to scale. There are plenty of locomotive detail parts on the market that are much smaller than a scale ground throw, so there’s no reason why this can’t be done. It’s long overdue.





7 thoughts on “Racor Model 20 Ground Throw

  1. All it really needs to be (like most model switch stands) is a solid casting with a hole drilled through it for the staff with the indicator targets, and the targets would probably be made from etched metal. Plus the handle part, but that doesn’t really need to move.

    • These are great! Nice range of models in their product line. I’ll have to get some and see them in the flesh.

      This brings up an issue with searching the internet for products. I did a range of google searches with different combinations of key words and all I got were the products by Caboose Industries and NJ International, both of which are out of scale and bear little resemblance to a prototype.

    • Thanks Steve (and Joe). I’d seen ads for the Rapido product, but I must have assumed that the switch stand was going to be a CN-style only. This is a nice product.

      I won’t use it on the parts of my layout I’ve already built because I already have Blue Point machines to control the turnouts. I might consider using these on the new parts of the layout in the future. All I’m looking for is a model of the ground throw, without the motor, much like the products American Scale Models parts that Trevor pointed out.

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