More NSC 10’0″ height 40′ Boxcars


I recently started working on two Ontario Northland 40′ boxcars to get them ready to put onto the layout. After I started those, I realized it would make sense to work on a pair of similar cars in a 1950s CN paint scheme. Well, yesterday I found a third CN car that I forgot about. This one is in an older (as delivered?) CN scheme.

The models are by True Line Trains and all require similar modifications. It makes sense to work on all five at the same time. In the photo above, you can see that I’ve bee applying ACI labels and lube plates to the CN cars. I’ve also applied a variety of patching to all of the cars to represent changes to data and instructions painted on the side of the cars. This is still a work in progress, but I thought an update would be of interest to some readers.

These will be part of a fleet of cars that will serve the paper plant on my home layout, and could also be blocked onto Lehigh Valley and Penn Central trains headed for the Niagara Falls interchange with CN, when I eventually get around to expanding the layout.

2 thoughts on “More NSC 10’0″ height 40′ Boxcars

  1. Though there was still the odd green leaf car around in the mid-70s, they were in a distinct minority to all the wet noodle cars. I don’t suppose you are planning to repaint any of those, or otherwise offset the steam-era bias?

    • My research unearthed a newspaper article that mentions an improvement at the International Paper plant at Tonawanda Island that facilitates the use of woodchips instead of whole logs. It said the woodchips were shipped from Canada in boxcars. My photos show many CN 40′ boxcars at the plant in the early 70s, and many of those are worn out leaf cars. I can’t tell whether they’re 10’0″ cars or 10’6″ cars. Until I learn otherwise, I’m going with the presumption that if CN was shipping woodchips in closed boxcars, they would have used the oldest cars in the fleet, therefore the worn out leaf cars were probably loaded with woodchips.

      I have six 40′ boxcars in the noodle scheme, and I’ll probably buy four more. The leafs will be outnumbered by noodles.

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