Woodchips in, Writing Paper out

An ancient Ford pick-up in the employee parking lot at International Paper is having a reunion of sorts with some steam-era boxcars. They’re running out their last revenue miles performing the inglorious task of hauling woodchips from central and northern Ontario to North Tonawanda.


The employees apparently have great faith in the track work within the plant. That shiny new Gremlin could easily be taken out if the spindly rail and rotten roadbed gives way. Or maybe the regretful owner is counting a calamity so he can replace his lemon on the company dime.

At the other end of the property, and the other end of the spectrum, a pair of Precision Design boxcars will be spotted at the warehouse for loading with fine writing paper.


More elements of my paper plant are coming together. My small fleet of ramshackle steam-era boxcars in woodchip service is just about finished. I’ve collected a few modern boxcars for moving the finished product off of the property (including a small fleet of the ubiquitous X-58). The first vehicles have shown up on my layout: a pair of fresh cherries, a mystery brand Ford pickup, and a Reimer tractor-trailer.

9 thoughts on “Woodchips in, Writing Paper out

  1. Hi Hunter,
    Coming along nicely! I’m a fan of light rails and old ties, makes the cars look massage in comparison. Are you planning to throw any weeds/tall grass around the sidings??

    Best, Scott

    • Thanks Scott. I’m definitely adding weeds and litter. It’s a matter of getting around to it. I get about three to four hours of hobby time per week, so progress can be slow at times. Right now, I’m trying to focus on getting a few pieces of rolling stock weathered and having the turnout control rods installed so that the layout operates and looks reasonable. I’ll get to the weeds at some point 🙂

  2. Hunter I’m really enjoying your Pulp & Paper Mill build, as I’m behind you with our build I’ll be using some your ideas and research for our Mill. Fantastic work to date and look forward to seeing more. Jas…

    • Thanks Jason. I’ve been following your work for a while too. I’m currently working on scratch building the power plant, which is the building attached to the one with the pipes on the wall. Sometimes it takes quite a while for me to build up to the point where I have something interesting to post, but I’m getting closer with that project.

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