Green Team SW1 8470

I’m pushing to get the paper plant section of my layout to the point where I can operate regularly. Part of that effort involves completing a few different switchers. I finished one tonight, and another is on the work bench getting closer to being ready. Presenting PC SW1 #8470:


It started as an undecorated Walthers SW1. The paint and decals were straightforward. Getting the weathering right is still a work in process. The key feature of this locomotive’s charm is the fact that the road numbers are in New York Central font, and the NYC logo is beginning to reveal itself from beneath pealing paint on the side of the cab. The intention was to depict this locomotive nearing the point of being scrapped.

Weathering was done with artist oils, acrylics, powders,  and 8B graphite pencil. There will be some final touches applied when the supplies and parts arrive, but it’s ready for service on the layout.


9 thoughts on “Green Team SW1 8470

  1. Looking good!

    Was this unit from the recent run or an older unit? The older units have a drive that can and should be upgraded using NWSL components.

          • The standard trick is to put the speaker in the cab; whether you like that is up to you, but it does avoid a lot of potential frame milling. I have a friend here who has installed sound decoders this way into Bachmann GE 44 and 45 tonners, using sugar-cube speakers inside the cabs. You can see the speakers if you look for them, but otherwise they’re not even that noticeable. Of course, and end-cab switcher has bigger windows…

            Sugar-cube speakers are highly recommended, even for installations where you have more room: just add several of them!

    • Thanks Chris. I was perplexed about how to make that happen. When I looked at photos of the same kind of weathering, I was struck by how “unrealistic” it looked on the real locomotive. I followed what I saw in the photos, and that’s what I came up with.

  2. Hi Hunter,
    So that’s what you’ve been up to. Look’s great. Really looks good in your industry setting with the caboose in tow.

    Best, Scott

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